Praystation by Todd Levin

I ran across this great essay on The Morning News written by Todd Levin. It’s about the seedy underworld of video game modding in the mid-90’s. As a former game-modder and a bootlegger by heritage, I could definitely relate. Here’s an excerpt:

“Practically overnight I went from video game agnostic to lowlife junkie—creeping around Chinatown with a wad of cash and a Sony PlayStation hidden inside a backpack, looking for someone to perform back-alley surgery on my console. Steve, ever the enabler, furnished me with a hand-drawn map of clandestine bootlegging storefronts, denoting things like “walk up three flights, past the Chinese-language driving school,” “Gundam action figure window display,” and “if you see a guy selling dried eel, you’ve gone too far.”

While reading this I had a revelation: there is going to be an entire generation of kids raised by guys just like Todd Levin and myself…

“So your saying there’s a chance. Yes!”


2 Responses to “Praystation by Todd Levin”

  1. Clint H Says:

    Brilliant. Utterly brilliant. And this:

    “Their entire inventory existed inside three-ring binders, filled with pages of color-Xeroxed video game box art. Each title was numbered, and you simply pointed to the one you liked.”

    sounds just like Ly Nam De here in Hanoi. I’ve been told that it is pretty cool….

  2. s.m.h. Says:

    Or Pantip in Bangkok, near Pratunam Plaza.

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