Todd Levin’s Blog

In what seems like a weekly ritual, here is yet another link to something written by Todd Levin. This one’s from his blog, I’m getting dangerously close to renaming my blog,, because I feel like I’m all up on it.

This post is called, “For the Ladies,” which might be the single funniest thing about this post. You’ll need to read the post to understand why. Here’s a hint:

“I made a bargain to fight through my fear by psyching myself up with bathroom confidence. You are an animal, I told myself. You are a filthy animal just like this animal sitting next to you. You’re here to do what animals do, without shame, and without restraint.”

Yep. It’s about poop. This is NSFW in the sense that you will definitely laugh out loud in your cubicle and look like a fool.

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