Designated-Reader.com is a curated blog about books, fiction, and all-around good writing.

It’s designed for those of you who are too busy to sift through the glut of content on your own. Whether you’re a hipster with retro eyeglasses and an ironic t-shirt, a former liberal arts major who’s abandoned all hopes of finishing Gravity’s Rainbow, or a newly-minted dad who’d cherish nothing more than a quiet evening with the New Yorker, Designated-Reader.com is a way to stay hip to the literary world and still have a life.

Designated-Reader.com is curated by Shane Michael Hansanuwat (who fits all three descriptions above).

Read anything good? Please let me know. You can contact me at smh at designated-reader dot com.


5 Responses to “About”

  1. Clint H Says:


    Am I the ‘newly minted dad’ to whom you refer? Because that pretty much describes me, except I would prefer Vanity Fair, Esquire, or Empire to the New Yorker.

  2. s.m.h. Says:

    You could be one of them. Dave could be, too; except his selection would be Harper’s and he has no intention of ever actually reading it.

  3. LacyMaria Says:

    Great site. I intend to be checking it out all the time, when I am not reading of course. Some of us do still read. P.S. I have given a copy of EXTREMELY LOUD AND INCREDIBLY CLOSE to numerous friends and they are all in love with the book.

  4. LacyMaria Says:

    By the way–I just realized my above comment seemed pretty snarky. Not intentional. I love your reviews and I am going to forward this site to my reading buddies. Maybe I can interview you next weekend for my friend’s podcast??

  5. s.m.h. Says:

    Hey, Lacy. Thanks. I’ve been holding off on reviewing Jonathan Safran Foer for a bit. I think I’m saving that book for a day when I have writer’s block because it will be a fun post to write.

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