Best… Passive-Aggressive Note… Ever…

From mental_floss, the art of the passive-aggressive note. The comments are great, too.

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The 25ish Funniest People in America

My first (and better) instinct is to just let this go, but I can’t, and it’s raining outside, and I don’t feel like writing a book review right now, so fuck it, here goes: posted a photo gallery listing “The 25 Funniest People in America.” I won’t dive too deeply into how random the list they’ve managed to cobble together is, but Chris Rock? Ellen? Conan? We’re talking about the 25 funniest people in America this decade right? Diablo Cody might make my list if we’re talking about the 25 funniest ex-strippers who’ve won an Oscar. Demetri Martin might possibly make for an entertaining pre-school teacher one day. Ricky Gervais is British. Does someone fill his seat when he’s not visiting the States? Besides, his friend Karl is much funnier, but I doubt he’s ever been to America. But I digress…

Look. I’m not going to deride Entertainment Weekly too much. It serves a purpose. It’s essentially a clearinghouse of celebrity puff and spoon-fed industry PR. That’s fine. I’m a consumer. I don’t mind the occasional spoon-feeding. When I’m at my friend’s house, I reach for her EW and contentedly flip through it for ten minutes or so. This list is exactly the type of list one would expect from EW.

Here’s my problem:

#16 – Amy Sedaris / David Sedaris

#8 – Amy Poehler / Will Arnett

#7 – Matt Stone / Trey Parker

#4 – The Daily Show Team (6 people)

#2 – Stephen Colbert and his team

#1 – The Judd Apatow POSSE (That would have to be a least 10, right?)

A conservative estimate actually puts their list at 43 people (I gave EW the benefit of the doubt and counted Colbert as a one-man team). At least we have some people to fill Gervais’ seat when he’s home in England.

This is a list that apparently took 18 people to make. I’d love to observe them try to square up a lunch tab.

Try harder, EW. At the very least, rewrite the headline.

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