Podcast Pick of the Week: Superego

Check it out at gosuperego.com

This week’s pick is Superego: Profiles in Self-ObsessionSuperego is the brainchild of improv veterans, Jeremy Carter and Matt Gourley (along with friends, Mark McConville and Jeff Crocker).  It’s a sketch comedy show, featuring a cavalcade of odd characters, each demonstrating a different personality disorder.   Every skit is improvised and then edited down to razor sharp silliness.  And it’s addictively funny.

Listen to one episode of Superego and you’ll want to download all them at once.   Then you’ll listen to them one-after-the-other with feverish obsession, until you come out of your haze surrounded by tar-balled Internets.  Go ahead and laugh.  In the words of my favorite Superego character, Imogene Kanouse:  “This is going to happen.”

This podcast may be called Superego, but it’s pure unadulterated Id.