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My review of Seth Greenland’s second novel, Shining City, has been published on Here’s the introduction to my review:

“I Love L.A” is the first thing that comes to mind when I read the publisher’s description of Seth Greenland’s second novel, Shining City, about a average guy who inherits an escort service run out of a dry cleaners. A story like this can only take place in Randy Newman’s stylized, Hollywood vision of (forgive the cliché) La-La Land. And in many ways, Shining City validates this preconception with glass-enclosed hilltop mansions, ostentatious Bar Mitzvahs, trophy wives, and iconic L.A. locales like the Mondrian Hotel and Pink’s Hot Dogs. But Greenland does something unexpected as he speeds along this well-worn caper-in-the-glitzy-city road; beneath the plastic veneer, Shining City’s heart lies within an average suburban American family.”

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My book-pairing review of Thomas L. Friedman’s, From Beirut to Jerusalem and Gary Shteyngart’s Absurdistan has been published on

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